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Q: Why should I buy a used machine from International Machine Group Inc?

A: At IMG we are able to provide you with the right machine to suit your exact requirements, because we are not affiliated to any one particular brand. We can offer you machines from EVERY manufacturer, so you can truly find the machine that is best for you, not the salesperson.

A: All our machines come with a standard 6 month warranty on parts.

A: Phone support for your machine and software, as well as training at our offices in Anaheim, Ca. is always free of charge for as long as you own the machine.

Q: Does IMG recondition or check out the machines before we receive it?

A: All of our machines in inventory are reconditioned. If not in inventory, we will train and recondition up to 6-head machines at no charge if you pay for the shipping to our warehouse in Anaheim, Ca.
Note: It has been our experience that most brands of embroidery machines are very dependable and rugged. Only machines that are in a heavy production environment will usually require any type of major reconditioning. Many times we may suggest that you hire a technician to come to your location for 2 days to go through the machine to make adjustments, and train you on the operations of the machine.

Q: Does IMG offer any type of training or installation?

A: Delivery, set-up, and training at your location are not included in the price of used machines, but these services are available. We use a network of over 72 technicians throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. So chances are, there will be an expert technician within driving distance of your location.

Buying Used vs New.
Buying a used machine can save you thousands of dollars. In fact most embroidery shops will purchase a used machine for their second machine. Typically the larger the machine the more savings. For instance a 4 year old 12-head machine will usually cost $35,000-$40,000 less than a new machine. However a 4 year old 1-head machine may only save you $3,000.

Q: What kind of technology am I losing out on by buying a used machine?

A: Depends on how old.
1-3 years old no difference in technology.
4-8 years old will probably not have the latest rotary thread break sensors. These sensors stop the machine faster if you run out of bobbin thread. Experienced operators know that bobbins will last for 35,000-45,000 stitches and will have a feel for when the bobbin will run out so they will watch or listen for the machine to run out and stop the machine and replace the bobbin. If the operator does not notice the bobbin run out, the machine may continue to sew for many stitches and the operator will have to back up the machine, change the bobbin, and restart. It is not really a problem, it just takes time if it is not caught.
9-11 years old will usually not have floppy disk drives built in so you will need an external floppy disk reader. Also most brands will not have the wide-angle hat sewing system and will sew an area of only 3"x5" on the front of a hat.
12-14 years old will probably not have automatic thread trimmers, will not be able sew hats too well, and may be a flat only machine.


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