SWF MA-6 Compact Embroidery Machine.

SWF/E-T1501C Download Brochure


    6.4in. graphic LCD screen
    USB Port support (FAT16)
    External FDD
    Key-type user interface
    LAN Port added for network
    USB Slave Port added for PC connection
    Clean screen composition(high resolution)


    The Head and Thread Tension Adjustment Plate of the Dual 1x1 Embroidery Machine implements smooth thread way.

6.4 inch high resolution LCD uses on-screen prompts to guide you through every step of moving the frame or needle bar, loading the design, choosing the hoop size, laser tracing the design, and more using the key-type user interface.
The Head and Thread Tension Adjustment Plate of the 1501 is easy to thread with a smooth thread path.
This function returns the frame to the design reference point during embroidering.
This function advances and reverses just the needle bar without actual embroidering with the frame set to 1 needle, 100 needles, 1,000 needles and 10,000 needles, and in color code.
This function reverses the frame by 1~10 needle(s) when thread is deviated or cut.
This device is automatically operated according to design code and setting and improves both productivity and the quality of end-product.
Whenever upper thread is cut or lower thread is absent, this function senses it and automatically stops the machine.
This function automatically and exactly moves the frame to the embroidery stop point at power failure and reduces defect of end-product.
The control panel includes an internal 3.53 floppy drive to help you transport designs to the embroidery machine quickly. 3.53 drive is compatible with both 2DD and 2HD disks.
This function may delete, modify and insert stitch data and function code(jump, end, thread cutting) for the design.
This function enables individual setting at high, middle and low speed.
This function automatically senses designs in various formats that are saved in USB memory, CF Card, and floppy disk.
It enters, deletes and outputs designs through USB memory stick.
Select the Frame Center Move button, and it automatically finds the reference point and moves to the Frame Center.
When the desired frame(SQURE, SRF) is selected from the menu, a random frame limit suitted to the outline of the frame is set in order to prevent a failure by causing an error before the needle interferes with the frame at embroidering.

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