FreeJet Direct To Garment Printers. The Most Advanced In Their Class
Introducing FREEJET Solvent and Direct To Garment Printers

FreeJet has done it again!

Introducing the NEW 500TX!

Medium Volume, Large Print Area, Deep 6" Bed, Prints on Black and White


17" x 30" All-In-One Shirt Board
Medium Volume Direct To Garment Printer with 17" x 30" print area.
  Youth plates added
Freejet 320 SV Direct To Substrate Solvent Ink Printer
Freejet 320 TX Direct To Garment Printer
FreeJet FR 700 TX Direct To Garment Printer
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Solvent ink printer for Non-Textile items like glass, plastic, tile, wood, leather Small Direct To Garment T-shirt Printer Large Direct To Garment Printer for up to 8 shirts at a time
Advanced Heead Cleaning System for Freejet 320 TX Direct To Garment Printer
Freejet 320 TX Direct To Garment Printer
Freejet 320 TX Direct To Garment Printer
Advanced Head Cleaning System
Motorized Auto Bed Height
Easyload Shirt Boards

Compare FreeJet Models

    FreeJet 320 TX Direct To Garment Printer   FreeJet  500 TX Direct To Garment Printer   FreeJet FR 700 TX Direct To Garment Printer








Machine Size
(W,L, H)


22″ x 42 ″ x 18″


34″ x 60″ x 26″


47″ x 90″ x 47″

Max Image Size


18″ x 13″


30″ x 17″


59″ x 24″

Max Resolution


720—2880 dpi


720—2880 dpi


720—2880 dpi

Ink Colors


CMYK + 4 White


CMYK + 4 White


CMYK + 4 White

Speed (8.5" x 11")


20—50 per hour


24—70 per hour


30—80 per hour

Avg. cost per print   15—30¢   15—30¢   15—30¢

Avg. cost per print (With white ink)







FreeJet has broken the mold when it comes to ingenuity. This line of printers has many advances aimed at making your job easier.

The Patented advanced head cleaning system allows you to purge the head with cleaning fluid and pump or prime the head with a plunger. Once the head is primed with cleaning solution you can turn off the machine and not worry about the head clogging. This coupled with the custom pro ink dampers will keep white ink sediment from clogging the print head saving you time and money.

The motorized bed height adjustment automatically stops at the right height using a beam senson. Just press the up button, let go and the bed stops automatically at the right height.

Best of all the FreeJet uses a bulk ink system to save you money on ink. This unique bulk ink system always draws from the bottom of the ink container allowing excellent ink flow and no possibility of air in the lines.


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