Faster T-Jet2 Direct To Garment Digital Tee Shirt Printer 1200
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Note: Only refurbished T-2's are available right now. These are fully reconditioned with full warranties.
This new digital technology is converting the industry to direct inkjet printing on garments. Whether you are
a small shop or a large production factory, the time is now to look at direct-to-garment inkjet printing.

Perfect for screen printers, embroiderers, promotional products, retail & specialty stores, trophy dealers and more.

Production Rate
Max Print Size
Avg. Ink Costs
(Light Shirts)
T-Jet2™ 12-60 SPH
(Shirts Per Hour)
12.5"x20" (32 x 51cm)
7¢ - 39¢ Per Shirt
Fast T-Jet Video Clips
Print white on black shirts
Video quality (HIGH) 5.6MB
Print white on black shirts
Video quality (LOW) 468K
Watch the whole process of printing
Video quality (HIGH) 9.2MB
Watch the whole process of printing
Video quality (LOW) 1.5MB

T-Jet™ Direct-To-Garment Machines
Moving at the speed of white!™
  • Ink costs of 15 to 40 cents per print for light garments.
  • Excellent washability.
  • CE Marked for European Conformity.
  • Print from any graphics program.
  • Print on 100% cotton and 50/50 shirts, towels, caps, and more.
  • Easy to use - just push a button!
  • Superb detail ...better than screen print!
  • Great for name drops!
  • T-Jet2™ is portable for events.
  • Excellent support - six days a week!
  • Buy from someone you know and trust.
  • Safe, water based textile ink - solvent and odor free.
  • Brilliant color and prints! Very soft hand and feel!
  • Perfect for individual shirts or production runs.
  • World-wide service network.
  • White ink on black shirts!
  • Deeper Shirt Bed than the T-Jet™ Standard for printing on thick items
  • Excellent washability!
  • Prints white ink in ONE pass! Brilliant color and a true bright white!
  • Excellent detail ...better than screen printing!
  • Prints on a white shirt in less than one minute!
  • Prints on a dark shirt in 4-8 minutes!
  • Print from any graphics program!
  • Print on any color shirts.
  • Print on 100% cotton and 50/50 shirts, towels, caps, and more!
  • Completely mobile - great for events!
  • Genuine Epson parts inside!
Included With Fast T-Jet2-1200
Optional Fast T-Jet2-1200 Accessories
1 - FastARTIST™
A complete design program that is needed to create special underbase and highlight printers. Works with Corel, Illustrator, Photoshop and Freehand images.
1 - FastRIP™
Our special software printer driver that tells the printer how much white to print. Again, a must and part of the magic.
1 - 1 gallon of FastINK™ Textile Pre-Treatment.
The garments need to be pre-treated with this clean, non-toxic, odorless spray before printing. Simple and easy.
1 - Continuous Flow Bulk Ink System.
1 - T-Jet Power Sprayer for applying the Pre-Treatment
1 - 16oz Bottle of FastINK3™ Textile White
1 - 4oz Bottle of FastINK3™ Textile Cyan.
1 - 4oz Bottle of FastINK3™ Textile Magenta.
1 - 4oz Bottle of FastINK3™ Textile Yellow.
1 - 4oz Bottle of FastINK3™ Textile Black.
1 - Standard 13" x 18" Shirt Holder
Plus a complete kit for everything you will need to print light to dark colored textile items and for the minor maintenance items

Fast T-Jet2™ Print Counter $495.00
6"x6" Shirt Holder (Infant) $75.00
6"x18" Shirt Holder (Sleeve) $125.00
10"x12" Shirt Holder (Youth) $105.00
13"x18" Shirt Holder (Standard) $125.00
13"x21" Shirt Holder (Oversized) $145.00
Cap Attachment $375.00

FastINK3™ Textile Ink 4oz Bottles $59.95
FastINK3™ Textile Ink 8oz Bottles $99.00
FastINK3™ Textile Ink 16oz Bottles $175.00
FastINK3™ Textile Ink 1Liter Bottles $325.00

One Year Extended Warranty $995.00
Two Year Extended Warranty $1,800.00

Ink Costs and Production Rates
The two most asked questions about a T-Jet™ are the ink costs and production rates. The following charts show how important the image size and print resolution is.

Many prints work fine at 360dpi, but you deposit more ink when printing at 720dpi. Critical prints, prints with white ink, or prints that need deep color saturation print better at 720dpi. An important point is that the T-Jet2™ and T-Jet™ Jumbo have to print one to three under base prints (and rewind between each pass) and then print the CMYK colors along with a highlight white. The T-Jet™ Giant can print more white with less rewinding. The T-Jet™ Pro HV does not have to rewind! The white ink is printed with the first set of eight heads and then the print moves forward to get the colors with the second eight heads.

There is no loss in production speed on the T-Jet™ Pro HV when printing white ink!

Cost and Production Rate Table
Download Cost and Production Excel File Download Cost and Production PDF File
Production rates do not include time to create and rip the image using FastRIP™. Small files can be ripped in under one minute. Larger files may take longer. Files can be queued so they print when the previous job is done.
For dark shirts, rates do not include time to pre-treat shirts which can be done in a matter of seconds away from the printer with unskilled labor. Ink costs include the pretreatment for dark shirts.
Production rates do not include time to rewind the printer between prints. Allow ten seconds for the T-Jet2™ and 15 to 20 seconds for the T-Jet™ Jumbo and Giant. The T-Jet™ Pro HV does not need to rewind and rates include loading and unloading.
Garment Print Sizes
Largest Size: 12.5" x 20" / 40.6 x 50.8cm (ships with the T-Jet™ Jumbo)
Standard Size: 12.5" x 18" / 33 x 45.7cm
Medium Size: 10" x 12" / 25.4 x 30.5cm
Smallest Size: 6" x 6" / 15.2 x 15.2cm
Sleeve Shirt Holder: 6" x 18" / 15.2 x 45.7cm

Production Rates
Print Size (12"x12"/30.5x30.5cm): 1 Shirt Per Minute
Print Size (6"x6"/15.2x15.2cm): 1 Shirt In 30 Seconds

Print Specifications
Colors: 7
Print Heads: 1
Ink Type: FastINK3™ Textile Ink
Cartridge Type: Bulk Ink System

Machine Specifications
Machine Measurements: 21 "W x 35"D x 20"H
Power Requirements: 110 Volts (220 & 240 Volts Also Available)
Weight: 80 Pounds

Minimum Floor Space: 24" x 36" table top footprint

Additional Specifications
CE Marked for European Conformity              

Warranty / Support Information:
Fast T-JET2™ includes a one-year limited warranty on parts and liftime free labor. The warranty is NOT on-site and requires the unit to be returned to I Machine Group for repair. The limited warranty does not include the printing head. Replacement printing head is $495 and can be replaced in less than ten minutes. All prices and design specifications subject to change.
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