T-Jet AutoTreat Automatic Pre-treatment System
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Autotreat Express $2495

AutoTREAT™ Pretreatment Center (NEW ITEM)

Now you can get a perfect application of pretreatment every time  by using the AutoTREAT™ Pretreatment Center. Featuring industrial strength spray controllers, the same nozzles used in very high-end industrial spray applicators, the Pretreament Center is specifically designed to apply pretreatment in a very uniform and controlled pattern.

With two application modes and a cleaning mode, complete up to 3 shirts per minute with the ability to switch from pretreating dark shirts to pretreating light shirts at the touch of a button. Just run a cleaning cycle to flush out the system with water and you're ready for the next shirt type.

Choose between our normal pretreatment for dark shirts or FastBRIGHT™ for light and medium colored shirts and dial in the exact amount of pretreatment you want. A digital display and control panel allow you to make all your adjustments quickly and easily .

With the AutoTREAT™ Pretreatment Center, consider your pretreatments... DONE!
Autotreat Video Clips

Apply a perfect pretreatment layer every time!
Extremely easy-to-use, just lay a shirt on the bed and press the Load button!
Pretreat a light OR dark shirt in under 20 seconds
Robust and Heavy Duty

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